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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia

From Cervarese to Abano Terme. A path to be done by car, which leaves the visitor extreme freedom to linger where most interested, but which guides you in this area so full of wonderful things to s


The walls of Padua are a splendid itinerary to be done on foot which extends for about 11 km. Almost entirely preserved, it has 20 bastions and 6 gates, and forms the heart of the city.


This path is a pleasant walk that can be interesting even in the evening, when not all buildings can be visited. You walk through the heart of the city in an almost completely pedestrian area, wher


Among the most interesting - and least demanding - activities to do in Padua, there is the possibility of moving around the center along the navigable canals.


The itinerary winds through the whole city, from north to south, touching the main places linked to the Carrarese epic.


Walking through the center of Padua, you can discover one of the most culturally and economically lively and dynamic centers in Italy within a day.


A complete itinerary to live a weekend in the heart of Padua. This city really has a lot to offer and two days would not be enough to fully appreciate it. Here is a proposal to appreciate the most


If you love history, art, culture and science Padua and its province will surprise you with their wealth. Here you can get lost in the ancient streets of the center, prestigious palaces, churches, museums, monuments, trendy shops, original artisan workshops and magnificent natural views.

Padua is an ancient city: it was an important Roman municipium, then a prominent medieval municipality, passed under the domination of the Carraresi first, and of Venice from 1405. After the fall of the Serenissima (1797), it belonged to the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom for seventy years, passing in 1866 to the Kingdom of Italy. Even recent history, the twentieth century, has left important architectural and cultural testimonies.

Treat yourself to a carefree weekend, or a short holiday, in the name of discovering the excellence of this area.

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