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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia
Da Padova a Selvazzano lungo il Bacchiglione ©Minu Vegro
Abstract di Da Caracalla al Colosseo
I navigli di Padova © Federico Salviato

Several routes along the network of internal canals in Padua indicate a visit to the historic center from an unusual and very involving perspective. From Bassanello to Specola, from Porte Contarine

La Rivierdel Brenta ©Luca Zausa

Frequented by Casanova, Galileo, Byron and d'Annunzio; painted by Tiepolo and Canaletto; praised by Goethe and Goldoni, the Brenta Riviera hosted royalty from France and Russia; Napoleon, the Habsb

La Riviera Euganea ©Alberto Gusella

Francesco Petrarca, attracted by the beauty of the places, loved to compose his rhymes, while by boat he sailed the Naviglio of the Euganean Riviera to reach his vineyard of Arquà, "pleasant recess


Following the Brenta it is also possible to make an evocative route that leads out of the city, northwards, along an artificial canal called Brentella.


Landowners, artists and merchants, wayfarers and prelates crossed the waters of the Battaglia Canal , to reach the Villas and Castles scattered along the Euganean Riviera, or the m

a journey to discover rivers and navigable canals

Take a trip between the rivers and canals that connect Padua and its province .

Gliding slowly on the water, aboard comfortable boats, you will immerse yourself in another time, you will admire sumptuous villas and castles, you will discover their history and you will be kidnapped by suggestive landscapes that will take your breath away. Let yourself be carried away by a river of emotions and live an authentic experience of the territory.

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