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Pagina di snodo Tassonomia

The presence of Brenta has allowed the flourishing of manufacturing and handicraft companies along its banks in past centuries. Among these, there is also the production of footwear.


An itinerary about 45 minutes by car south of Padua, to discover Este's crafts, history and good food.

In proposing a tour in the province of Padua, a stop in the important and strategic town of Piazzola sul Brenta is a must. This territory, located 20 km from Padua along the course of the Brenta ri

Discovering the industrial, historical and current heritage

Come to know the testimonies of the economic and productive realities of Padua and the province that over the decades have given a face to this territory.

You will find exceptional locations to deepen the themes of Venetian industrial history and you will dive into knowledge paths through the current economic production.

Living the industrial culture you will start a journey through the centuries, a mosaic made of lives, products, design, colors, tradition and innovation.

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