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    Weekend in the heart of Padua

    A complete itinerary to live a weekend in the heart of Padua. This city really has a lot to offer and two days would not be enough to fully appreciate it. Here is a proposal to appreciate the most important places, the flavors and the atmosphere of this wonderful city, with the promise of returning as soon as possible.

    DAY 1

    It starts from the heart of the city and then from the spectacular Prato della Valle square  , one of the largest squares in Europe. Crossing it you can go to visit the  Basilica of Santa Giustina , an imposing Renaissance-style church. A few hundred meters away is the ancient  Botanical Garden , a site recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The last stop of the morning is Piazza del Santo , which overlooks the Basilica of S. Antonio , one of the symbols of Padua, an undisputed destination for the faithful and art lovers. If you have time, you can also visit the  Scuola del Santo  or the nearbyOratory of S. Giorgio .

    By returning to the route and walking along Via del Santo, you can reach the city center again, passing in front of Palazzo Zabarella , the site of painting exhibitions, and to the  Tomb of Antenor , the founder of Padua according to legend. A fundamental stop is the one at the splendid  Palazzo della Ragione , which will amaze you with the genius of those who designed and frescoed it. The day ends by visiting the austere  Cathedral  and the adjacent  Baptistery , one of the jewels of the capital of the fourteenth-century fresco.

    DAY 2

    Morning We
    start by visiting Palazzo del Bo ' , in the heart of the historic center, home to the ancient University. Once out, you can take a walk admiring the shops and buildings of the historic center and observe the excitement that animates  Piazza delle Erbe ,  Piazza della Frutta  and  Piazza dei Signori  in the morning hours. A few steps from the squares of the center, there is the original  Caffè Pedrocchi : visit the  Museum of the Risorgimento  on the first floor and then treat yourself to an aperitif inside the famous café.

    In the afternoon, leaving Porta Altinate , you can head towards Piazza Eremitani : where the Church of the Eremitani stands  . A few minutes of visit to reach the  Eremitani Civic Museums , from which to access the enchanting  Scrovegni Chapel  frescoed by Giotto . In addition to the chapel and the museum rooms, you can also visit the Museum of Applied Arts of  Palazzo Zuckermann nearby .

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