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    Trip on the hills in Galzignano Terme

    Galzignano Terme, can be a splendid trip out of town on the Euganean Hills, about half an hour from Padua, before dedicating yourself to the relaxation of the Terme.

    Located on the south-eastern slopes of Mount Rua, at the mouth of the Pavaglione and Cingolina valleys, you will find this ancient settlement surrounded by nature. Galzignano Terme preserves an almost uncontaminated natural environment, and is characterized by mainly rural settlements, an ideal destination for those who want to spend a relaxing day in contact with nature.

    Galzignano is a small village, where you can walk or have a nice coffee, but the most beautiful things to see are on the hills all around.
    The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is an ancient parish church located on the top of the homonymous hill overlooking the town. Rebuilt in 1674, another 13th-century building instead, houses a seventeenth-century canvas depicting the Assumption and two saints; the Benedictine monastery of San Giovanni Battista on Monte Venda, dating back to the 13th century, of which few but precious ruins remain today; the Oratory of the Holy Trinity , built in the 14th century, was part of a convent, where some valuable frescoes are kept.

    Moving south, in Valsanzibio, you will find the  Monastery of Santa Maria Annunziata in Valsanzibio , built in 1233. It was a Benedictine monastery dedicated to S. Maria Annunziata, now in ruins. In Venetian times, the priory possessed on the hill, as can be seen from the esteem records (1518): 72 fields "partly arable, partly meadow, partly vineyards, partly vegri, partly wooded, olive trees and many other fruit varieties".

    The area is still dotted with noble villas erected by the Paduan and Venetian nobles during the Renaissance, who appreciated the beautiful and fertile valleys of Galzignano. Near the Benedictine monastery you cannot miss  Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani,  whose historic Italian garden is one of the most important ancient gardens in Europe. Other noteworthy villas are:   Villa Benedetti Rizzoli , built in the 15th century and then renovated in the 18th century; the seventeenth-century  Villa La Civrana , owned by the Emo Capodilista counts,  Villa Saggini , and  Villa Boggian.

    For those who want to do some physical activity, there is also the  Terme di Galzignano Golf Club, which  represents the fourth course located in the enchanting setting of the Euganean Hills. It was created by the architect Marco Croze in 1,850 meters in length and 9 holes. The technical design offers numerous water features and ponds placed in order to make the path immersed in the regenerating green of these areas varied and fun: hole four, for example, presents the tee in the middle of the lake or hole nine with the Green that seems to float surrounded by water.Ideal for both amateurs and professionals, the property also offers tennis courts, swimming pool and beauty center with sauna and massages.

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