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    Trento, Bassano del Grappa, Padua: Via del Brenta

    As well as being one of the most important rivers in the Alps, the Brenta is also a fundamental cycle-tourist link between the cycle routes of Trentino Alto Adige and those of Veneto. The Province of Padua is building a cycle path that will allow cyclists from Northern Europe to reach Padua through natural environments and suggestive historical centers.

    The Brenta River was born as an emissary of  the Levico and Caldonazzo lakes  and crosses the Valsugana and then makes its way through wide meanders in the high Paduan plain. In its final stretch, from Padua to Chioggia, the waters are collected inside powerful embankments and then flow south of the Venetian Lagoon.

    The cycle tour, made following the course of the waters, starts in a very fascinating mountain context, an alpine lake dominated by high mountains with shimmering rocky walls and on the valley floor the expanses of orchards interrupted only by historic centers with fortresses and castles. In the first stretch from Levico to Valstagna you cycle on one of the most beautiful and well-equipped cycle paths in Trentino, at the end of which you continue on an ordinary traffic-free road to  Bassano del Grappa , a picturesque historic center that owes its fame to the famous bridge of Palladio and to the production of excellent grappas. Once past the historic center, the landscape changes: the mountains give way to a lush countryside from all sides spring water ditches and ditches full of crystal clear waters . These are the peculiarities of the high Po valley, formed in geological periods different from the river course.

    In the province of Padua, the cycle path is designed to run near the river in a fascinating river landscape, where stable meadows alternate with alder, poplar and willow forests. Along the itinerary there are opportunities to admire splendid works of art, such as the  villa Contarini-Fondazione GE Ghirardi in Piazzola sul Brenta . An architectural episode given by a princely palace with a large historical garden, immersed in a vast agricultural estate and anticipated by a square with a monumental portico.

    After the artistic deviation we return to pedal with our gaze turned towards the river; from Limena to Padua an equipped cycle path is already available. Also in this part of the suburban countryside there is no shortage of suggestive views with the traditional Venetian villas. In Pontevigodarzere you leave the Brenta embankment and enter the city following the urban cycle paths.

    The  signs  are present from Levico to Bassano del Grappa; absent from Bassano to Padua.

    Informazioni Utili 

    Punto di partenza: Trento, Stazione Ferroviaria

    Punto di arrivo: Padova, Stazione Ferroviaria

    Lunghezza: 140 km

    Durata: 2 giorni

    Livello di difficoltà: difficile


    Adatto a: allenati

    Segnaletica: assente

    Tipologia di fondo: misto

    Tipologia: ciclovacanza

    Intermodalità: treno+bici

    Chilometraggio: oltre 80 Km

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    Piazzola sul Brenta, villa Contarini - Fondazione G.E. Ghirardi.
    La via del Brenta

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    Piazzola sul Brenta, villa Contarini - Fondazione G.E. Ghirardi.La via del Brenta

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