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    Footwear and gardens on the Brenta

    The presence of Brenta has allowed the flourishing of manufacturing and handicraft companies along its banks in past centuries. Among these, there is also the production of footwear.

    It starts from  Villa Foscarini Rossi , home of the Rossimoda Footwear Museum , where - among the frescoed halls, surrounded by the romantic garden, on the banks of the Brenta River, you can admire an example of the production of Riviera shoes produced in the second half of the 1900s , in addition to a small but precious collection of ancient Venetian shoes.

    Following the Brenta, to the south you will find Villa Pisani, where you can stop and relax for a few hours The whole villa and its park can be visited and will not fail to surprise you with the majesty of the gardens, the labyrinth, and the ceiling of the Ballroom frescoed by Tiepolo. A real palace that stands out between Padua and Venice, an architectural jewel that joins the other Venetian Villas of the Brenta Riviera. 

    A 5-minute drive, going back along the main branch of the river, you will reach the Politecnico Calzaturiero , a training center for footwear design and technique, which can be visited on request. The Polytechnic has a history that started in 1268 AD, when the first footwear association was established in Venice, the " Confraternita dei Calegheri ", the seal of which is still the trademark of the Master Shoemakers of the Brenta Riviera , their only heirs. . This "art" moved to the Riviera thanks to the craftsmen following the Venetian nobles on holiday.

    In the Riviera del Brenta the footwear business found full development at the end of the nineteenth century, when Giovanni Luigi Voltan, on the basis of the experience acquired in the most important footwear industries in the United States, gave birth to Stra the first industrialized footwear complex in Italy. The Voltan shoe factoryit carried out the function of a real school, accumulating and transmitting, through the work experience of the factory, new and modern knowledge capable of boosting local development. "It was not luck that gave him up, but it was the spark of his genius that illuminated him." (Taken from the speech given by the oldest worker on the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Luigi Voltan shoe factory and published in the booklet 1898 - May - 1923 Tribute of the company to his workers, Padua, 1923.)

    In 1923 the "Ottorino Tombolan Fava" school for craftsmen and workers in Stra was born in Stra , a gold medal for the military value of the Great War. The initiative is of the National Association of war fighters and veterans of Stra, in order to offer ex-fighters, their children and young people in the area a training opportunity, through a drawing school applied to arts and crafts (in addition to the shoemakers, also tailors, carpenters, cabinet makers, carvers, painters, decorators, builders, cement workers and mechanics). The thirties were crucial for the evolution of the school mainly because they marked the beginning of its specialization in the footwear sector.

    In 1976 the Consortium of Master Shoemakers of the Riviera del Brenta was born. It was created to provide direct services to support the export of the product: promotion and collective advertising of companies abroad, organization of international fairs and collective exhibitions, support in customs procedures, commercial information on customers, fashion service with quarterly updates on trends and colors.

    In 1986 the Centro Veneto Calzaturiero Consortium was founded In response to the emergence of new technologies and the start of the computerization process in the sector, aimed at the management of professional training, the development of technology research, quality control (with a laboratory for testing physical according to EU standards) and in the management of services on the safety of machines and work environments.

    Finally, in 2001, the foundation of the Scarl Polytechnic Foundation was born , born on the initiative of the Riviera del Brenta Footwear Association, it deals with training, research and technological innovation and offers companies a high amount of personalized services, such as example, rapid prototyping and quality control of materials.

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