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    The Euganean Hills Wine Route

    This itinerary on the Euganean Hills, typically dedicated to wine lovers, also offers naturalistic destinations, places of historical and artistic interest and itineraries dedicated to food and wine excellences and local culinary specialties. The farmhouses, restaurants and taverns offer the opportunity to taste high quality local products, now recognized all over the world and traditional dishes of peasant cuisine.

    The Euganean Hills are famous for the production of excellent  wine  and, in fact, are located in an area between the 40th and the 50th parallel, close to the 45th, called the "wine parallel", for the equidistance both from the North Pole and the Equator, in an area that acts as a watershed, therefore, between the too cold in the North and the too hot in the South. Thanks to the favorable climate and the particular morphology of the place, the wines produced in this area stand out for their heady scent and unmistakable flavor. The numerous wineries in the Euganean Hills create excellent wines, including many labels with prestigious awards and certified names. Among the excellences stands the  Fior d'Arancio DOCG, but the range of white and red wines is truly vast and is able to amaze even the most demanding connoisseurs. The  Rosso dei Colli Euganei , the  Cabernet Sauvignon , the  Merlot , the  Raboso , the  Marzemino , the  Corbinello  and the  Novello , and then the  Bianco dei Colli Euganei , the  Moscato , the  Serprino , the  Pinot Blanc , the  Chardonnay , the  Tocai Italico  are just some of the excellence of the area.

    The wineries, in addition to direct sales, offer guided tastings and visits to their own companies, offering the opportunity to get to know the wine production up close.
    We therefore propose a visit to the  Az. Agr. Bacchus and Ariadne  and  Venda Park  in Vò,  Giacomo Salmaso  in Montegrotto,  Il pianzio  in Galzignano Terme,  Callegaro Francesca  in Rovolon,  Filò delle Vigne  in Baone,  Cà Lustra  and  Fattoria Monte Fasolo  in Cinto Euganeo and at the  Bernardi Cellars  in Torreglia. For those who love organic wines, a trip to the  Eolia Farm  in Rovolon is a must.

    In the hamlet of Faedo, in Cinto Euganeo, between vineyards and olive trees, there is the  Podere Villa Alessi , a renowned winery, a space where the food and wine tradition is combined with the gentle hilly landscape. Here you can spend moments of tranquility, tasting fine wines, exquisite typical products and dishes prepared with care according to ancient local recipes. Also not to be missed is a visit to the  Bottaia Museo , a basement room that has been used for years to make the best wine stay, in small oak barrels and which today is a museum that allows you to learn more about the geology of the Euganean Hills and taste the local wine.

    The Euganean Hills, however, are also famous for  honey , of high quality, included in the list of traditional products according to the directives of the Ministry for Agricultural and Forestry Policies.

    The introduction of the olive tree in the Euganean Hills took place in very distant times, some sources even say in pre-Roman times and today four native crops survive that produce  excellent oil  , according to ancient traditions. Arquà Petrarca  is renowned for its excellent olive oil which has also allowed it to join the National Oil City Association  and become a prestigious destination for top quality food and wine tourism.

    The southern area of ​​the Euganean Hills, between Baone and Arquà Petrarca, is particularly known, however, for the cultivation of peas, the so-called  "bisi" , and precisely in Baone, the "Festa dei Bisi" is held every year.

    Another well-known product are  cherries , cultivated in almost all the Euganean area for centuries, one of the most characteristic products of the Park, so much so as to also propose an annual festival: the Cherry Festival. Unmissable, therefore, a taste of the famous "Maraschino" liqueur  .

    Jujube is also grown on the Euganean Hills, an elegant sapling of medium height, with similar characteristic fruits, in the shape of olives, and for apple flavor. At  jujube  is also dedicated a festival held the first and second Sundays of October Arquà Petrarca, where, in addition to jams, you can taste the local liquor:  "The broth Jujube"

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