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    Arquà Petrarca, in the heart of the Euganean hills

    The proposed itinerary refers to that followed by the poet Francesco Petrarca when he went from Padua to his home on the Euganean Hills. The excursion is full of tourist attractions and develops on cycle paths and secondary roads with little traffic, sometimes with dirt roads.

    From the Roman excavations of Montegrotto Terme we head towards the Battaglia canal, on whose top the bank runs a pleasant cycle path. The first emergency encountered along the road is Villa Obizzi, more commonly called Castello del Catajo because of the military style with which Pio Enea I degli Obizzi, leader of the Serenissima Republic, had it built for his noble residence. After passing the castle, an unexpected landscape opens onto the canal: on a widening of the canal we find moored some wooden boats; this is the navigation basin, famous because it allows boats to overcome a water jump of eight meters. Meanwhile, Battaglia Terme opens in the background , the historic center is characterized by the particular layout of the houses along the coast, with the original Venetian-style bridge of steps and the hydraulic toll booth where mills, hammers and paper mills stood, built to take advantage of the hydraulic energy released by the 'water.

    Resuming the ride along the cycle path we stop again near a tourist sign that illustrates the hydraulic peculiarity of the bridge-canal of the Rivella and we are enchanted in front of the rural framework of the  Wild Valleys , composed of the villa Selvatico-Sartori that stands on the hill of Sant'Elena, from the fertile surrounding countryside and the articulated frame of the Euganean Hills. Leaving the drawbridge, you will discover, hidden by an elegant Italian garden, the beautiful villa Emo by Vincenzo Scamozzi.

    The long straight ends at the port of  Monselice , from where the visit to the historic center begins, an authentic treasure trove of art, history, archeology and nature. From the walled city you take a beautiful little traffic foothill road with a slight ascent that goes around Mount Ricco. After an easy slight slope appears the village of  Arquà Petrarca , to whose name the poet's name is linked. The itinerary leads to the square in front of the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta where the monumental tomb of the poet is kept. Petrarca's house is located in the upper part of the town, we recommend reaching it on foot due to the steep slopes.

    Leaving the village of Arquà, you will travel for about two kilometers on a road that can be busy on holidays, and which ends at  Lago della Costa , a natural basin fed by thermal springs whose visit is unfortunately not allowed.

    The return to Battaglia takes place on dirt roads immersed in a very suggestive landscape. From the village of  Monticelli  we admire the picturesque villa Renier, built on top of a hill and surrounded by a high wall and at the foot of Mount Lispida the  castle of Lispida  also known as Villa Italia, an aristocratic residence in neo-Gothic style, which was the general headquarters of King Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoy in the last year of the First World War. In Battaglia Terme we find the way back and in this way we return to Montegrotto Terme.

    Informazioni Utili 

    Punto di partenza: Montegrotto Terme

    Punto di arrivo: Montegrotto Terme

    Lunghezza: 31 km

    Durata: massimo 3 ore

    Livello di difficoltà: medio

    Adatto a: allenati

    Segnaletica: assente

    Tipologia di fondo: asfaltato

    Tipologia: escursione

    Intermodalità: nessuna

    Chilometraggio: 0-30

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